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Confidence Program For Men
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US$ 47.77
This program is designed to show you how easy it is to be the man you always wanted to be, someone who isn't afraid to pursue pleasure, who doesn't worry about what others think about them, and who is simply happy in their own skin.

You've seen those guys in bars, restaurants, even just walking down the street, who seem to attract women without even trying. How do they do it? The answer is really quite simple: women love a confident man as it's one of the most powerful aphrodisiac for attracting women.

I'll teach you how to release that inner sex god through self- confidence alone, because a confident man is a man others want to be around. Learning to love who you are and allowing yourself to pursue and enjoy pleasure without the guilt that usually comes with it, is key to achieving that confidence.

There are no secrets to becoming a sexy, seductive lover, it's all about knowing yourself and having the confidence to go after what you want. Tapping into the naughty boy who already exists within you, is key to achieving and leading the naughty lifestyle you always wanted.
Dating Program Men
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US$ 47.77
Playing the dating game can be exciting and fun, but it can also be terrifying. Maybe you've just come out of a long-term relationship and have forgotten 'how' to date? Or maybe you're afraid of dating due to fear of rejection?

Whatever your dating habits (or lack of them), this program is specifically designed to help you navigate the tricky waters of the dating pool. Even if you're lucky enough to be with the woman of your dreams, I will show you how to 'date' your partner and how to keep the sparks alive.

My Dating Program is packed full of valuable tips to get you out into the dating world without suffering from fear of rejection, or overcomplicating a process which is actually very simple. I'll break through the jargon and all the false assumptions most men think about how women think. I'll also empower you to make the first move and how to read women without all the unnecessary and confusing psychoanalysis (we're really not that complicated!).

Through brief, easy-to-follow exercises and some revelatory self-analysis, I'll transform you from a guy who's afraid to approach women to a guy who can talk to anyone in no time at all, so you can carry on your quest in perfecting that Naughty Lifestyle you've always wanted.
Sex Program Men
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US$ 67.77
I will show you how to unleash your sexual side both in out of the bedroom along with getting in touch with your naughty side!

Whether you're in a long term relationship, are enjoying the benefits of casual dating, or you're single and it's been a while since you had sex, this program is designed to boost your sexual confidence and both improve your existing sex life, and to maybe set you on a whole new journey of sexual discovery.

My Sex Program is packed full of invaluable tips and tricks to turn you into a bedroom stud. Knowing yourself, sexually, is vital if you're going to satisfy both you and your lover. I'll tell you what women want in the bedroom, as well as show you new ways to get off with yourself. Nothing is off limits, so if you want to send your sex life into the stratosphere, it's time to get started.

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