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What is Naughty Lifestyle Coaching?

Naughty Lifestyle Coaching will help you to experience greater sexual fulfillment, gain more confidence, have longer lasting relationships with yourself and lover(s), and discover your true self. Naughty Lifestyle Coaching is not therapy, instead, it's focused on moving you toward future goals and outcomes. The coaching model is client-directed. You decide what issue you want to focus on and what result you’d like to achieve. Coaching is a process in which we work together to help you become the person you want to be. I want you to feel as comfortable as possible to come to me about anything; whether it's sex, dating, confidence, body issues or how to live my Naughty Lifestyle Program.

My Naughty Lifestyle Coaching can be a short-term commitment where we can resolve your issues with just one session (email, phone or one-on-one). Or it may require more time to resolve such as one, two or three months. Then there are those clients who like to have a coach on hand for whenever they have a new issue arise. It's completely up to you, just know I'm here for you whenever you need me.

What Sex Coaching isn't:

My "sex coaching" services are not for sex...I'm a sex/dating coach not an escort. I'm here to coach you with any issues you may have with dating, confidence and sex. Even if you're someone who has an amazing sex life, you can still contact me to find new ways to spice things up.

Which Coaching Session Should You Choose?

• Email: Only have a quick question you want to ask me? Maybe you feel more comfortable talking to me through email? Or maybe you live in another state or country and can't meet me in person or don't like to talk on the phone? Whatever your preference email coaching sessions are great and you'll still get all the same benefits you'd get if we communicated on the phone or met in person.

• Phone: Phone sessions are great because you get answers to your questions right away. Plus you get to talk with me directly even if you live in another state or country and can't meet me for a one-on-one session.

• One-On-one: One-on-one sessions are great for those who want to meet me in person, get to know me on a more personal level and experience a more hands-on approach. All one-on-one coaching sessions take place in Los Angeles or we can meet anywhere in the US but my price will include travel expenses.

• Mix & Match: Or you can always mix-and-match my coaching sessions. For example, maybe you want to start out with an email session to get comfortable then move up to phone sessions. Or start with one-on-one or phone sessions and stay in touch with email sessions.

Email Coaching Sessions

OPTION #1: 3 Email Questions - ONLY $99

• I will answer 3 email questions from you.

• You choose the topic.


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OPTION #2: Unlimited Monthly Emails - ONLY $597

• Ask me as many questions as you want for one month.

• Perfect option for those who have many questions they need to ask or an issue that needs more time.


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Phone Coaching Sessions

OPTION #1: 1 Phone Session - ONLY $150

• Phone session is 60 minutes.


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OPTION #2: 4 Monthly Phone Sessions - ONLY $500

• You get 4 phone sessions with me.

• Each phone session is 60 minutes.

• All 4 phone sessions must be used within one month from time of purchase.


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One-On-One Coaching Sessions

OPTION #1: 1 One-On-One Session - ONLY $300

• We meet in person in Los Angeles.

• One session is 60 minutes.


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OPTION #2: 4 Monthly One-On-One Sessions - ONLY $1000

• You get 4 one-on-one sessions with me where we meet in person in LA.

• Each one-on-one session is 60 minutes.

• All 4 one-on-one sessions must be used within one month from time of purchase.


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Naughty Lifestyle Coaching Makeover

- 3 Day Naughty Lifestyle Coaching Makeover in Los Angeles - $4,000


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- 3 Day Naughty Lifestyle Coaching Makeover in your hometown (US only) - $6,500 (includes my travel costs)


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What you get with your 3 day makeover:

• You get all the same advice and MORE in my Naughty Lifestyle Program.

• You will get all 3 Naughty Lifestyle Programs.

• After your 3 day makeover you will receive unlimited follow-up for 60 days to ensure you're living the Naughty Lifestyle to your fullest and to answer any questions you may have via phone or email.

• With this makeover, I will help you in all areas of your life; sex, relationships, home, fashion, beauty, self-confidence and more.

• We will start in your home and a tour of it. I will see how you can make your home feel more sexy and make you feel sexier.

• A "What Not To Wear" Makeover...I will not get rid of your clothes but I will give you fashion tips for your body type, help you go through your closet and give it a "Spring Cleaning," help you with makeup tips (my aunt and sister are makeup artists and I've been a model for over 10 years where I've had tons of makeup artists giving me tips) and see if you could use a change of hairstyle or hair color (my dad is the owner of his own hair salon and he use to travel and host hair shows for Redken). A Naughty Lifestyle Makeover starts with you and how you feel about yourself.

• If you want we can go shopping together to help you pick out clothes that fit and look good on your body type.

• If you come to LA, I have the best hair stylist who can help you with a new look along with a makeup artist who can help you bring out your natural beauty. Or I can find one in your hometown. (This will cost extra on your end).

• Take a look at your bedroom and see how it's keeping you from having a better sex life.

• Take a look at your current relationship or if you're looking to date then I can help you with how to attract more quality men.

• If you're single, I will show you ways, along with taking you out, on how to find men without having to go to a bar.

• If you're in a relationship, I will show you ways to spice things up.

• I will show you how to start living the life you want whether it's a career change as I'm also a career coach.

• Will get you on a fitness/eating plan that will work for you/fit into your schedule along with making you feel sexier and naughtier. I can also help you with finding a trainer in your area to help you after I'm gone. (This will cost extra on your end by you paying for the trainer).

• I will show you how to gain more confidence, make time for yourself, how to love yourself and more.

• I will also show you the importance of making time for your girlfriends and family. If you don't have a lot of friends, I will show you ways on how to get out there and meet people.

• How to live a naughty lifestyle even if you have kids or family that visits your house a lot.

• It may seem like a lot to learn in 3 days but I can help to simplify it all to make it easier for you.

• Plus you'll have 60 days of coaching with me after our 3 day meeting. It's a lot to learn in 3 days so to make sure you implement everything and if you have any questions you will get unlimited emails and phone calls for 60 days.

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