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Program 1: Confidence - Live the Naughty Lifestyle

The first order of business is to get you not just accepting yourself, but LOVING yourself. You see, I've discovered a little known secret that is so simple that most people completely disregard it: When you give yourself permission to pursue pleasure and to treat yourself like a pampered goddess, your mood naturally improves. You ignite your inner glow, which causes you (and others) to see you in a new light. This naturally boosts your confidence to soaring levels, making you fall helplessly in love with yourself. And voila! The sassy, gorgeous, and self-assured woman who has been dying to get out is suddenly there for the world to see!!

I also lay out the basics of the Naughty Lifestyle, from home d'cor to fashion and makeup, all to serve this truth: If you're prepared for pleasure, it will always find you. You shouldn't just experience pleasure in certain areas of your life, you should be experiencing pleasure in all things you do. And I give you questions and exercises that will help you get to know yourself inside out so that you know who you are and exactly what you want out of life.

Some topics for this course include: confidence building, falling in love with yourself, befriending your body, how to express your sexuality, how to live the naughty lifestyle, experiencing pleasure in all things, finding your inner goddess, making love to yourself and much more.

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Program 2: Dating - The Art of Attracting Men

Do you wish men would approach you? Are you tired of dating the wrong men? Not sure where to find a guy? Do you want to become the sexy goddess that all men want? Do you want the confidence to approach men?

This part of the Naughty Lifestyle Program takes what you learned in the first course and builds on it, focusing your newfound confidence on making you a magnet for men. And not just any old guy, but the type of sexy, quality man that you can have your ideal relationship with whatever that may be!

I give you insight into the male mind and demystify what men are looking for from women and relationships. You will come to understand how simple men truly are and how to use your womanly powers to have your way with them.

Also, I'll help you to discover your dating style. There are no rules when it comes to dating, so create your own...I will show you how. Everyone is looking for something different from marriage to their soul mate to Polyamory to casual sex with multiple partners. This is not a one-size fits all world and neither is dating. Whether you're looking for marriage or multiple partners, I will help you to find your dating style and to help you get what you truly desire.

When you've finished Dating: The Art of Attracting Men, you will no longer feel desperate or unsatisfied in the area of romance. You will know what you want and how to get it in the most classy, honest, and, of course, naughty way possible!

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Program 3: Sex - Become a Sex Goddess

In the final section of The Naughty Lifestyle Program, I give you the knowledge that will unleash your Inner Sex Goddess so that you and your partner (or partners!) can enjoy the most passionate, intimate, mind-blowing orgasmic sex you've ever imagined!

First, I will delve into the history of the world's premier seductresses (Courtesans, Geisha's, and more!) so that you can understand your erotic birthright and heritage as a woman. Some of them were mere mortals and others we worshiped as Goddesses. You will see a side of womanhood that most are not aware exists, where women wield eroticism and power in such a way that is a blessing to all.

From there, I will teach you techniques that I've learned both in my career as a porn star and also from my extensive sex coach training and my travels around the world. There will be lessons on everything from handjobs to oral sex, sensual massage, and much more.

The most important thing I will teach you is how to seduce and pleasure yourself, as it's only in knowing how to give yourself pleasure that you become able to truly express your sexual self to another and deeply receive the pleasure that they give to you.

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